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Custom Shopify Store Package

Custom Shopify Store Package

We will help deliver you an online presence that will allow you to stand out in the online marketplace and drive your business forward.



How it works:

If you need print-on-demand or other:

Meet with the Prime Presence team and talk about all things Shopify! Once your products are selected, the Prime team will build a Shopify store that is ready for launch!

*The Prime Team will need products with pricing and description to develop store.
*The Prime Team will not be able to find products for customer.

If you need a custom build:

Maybe you have an Etsy store, or you already have products!  Meet with the Prime team to build a custom store on Shopify for your business and its products!

What’s included: 

  • 3 Page Shopify Website with up to 5 products
    • Home
    • Store 
    • About 
    • Disclosure Pages (Required)
  • 45 Minute Creative onboard session
  • Custom domain connection
  • Call to action form fill
  • Payment integration
  • Easy product search
  • Branded to modern look and feel
  • Social Media hyperlinks
  • Contact Info
  • Up to 3 edit sessions

Add on Brand Kit